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Design of Internal Tools
for Media Transports

What Is Media Transport and Why Do We Do It?

Media Transports is a leading
advertising agency in the
transport sector.

It is partner of the RATP, SNCF, and other mobility authorities and transport operators. It is part of the Publicis group, the third largest communications group in the world.

We intervene at Media Transport’s tool design source to accompany them in the development and modernisation of their current interfaces. We create interdependent SaaS software that makes life easier for Media Transport’s teams.

Customized product design

Create a unique SaaS

A senior UX designer tailors the entire experience to meet the needs of the teams. We conduct workshops and interviews to understand the key issues they face.

Design of an eco-system

Strengthen brand identity through
advanced system design.

We have established standards and guidelines that define the appearance and behaviour of products.
This ensures that the design is consistent in its visual appearance and user experience.

Ui Components

Developing a library of
user interface components.

An eco-system of this size must be accompanied by defined processes and a component library that guarantee
cross-software consistency. Based on the latest advances in design and interactivity, the models have a set of
more than 700 custom-made components.

Meeting all needs

Reducing frustration and errors
through design.

The key is to design a facilitated user experience, understanding the user’s needs and goals in a way that
is intuitive and enjoyable to use, and that helps increase user satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

Using the best tools as a basis for design

Maximising design efficiency with
Google icons and

Google icons and are platforms that provide a set of pre-designed user interface components that
can be used to create user interfaces.

We are currently developing four new SaaS solutions to add to their growing ecosystems. This will give our
customer even more ways to manage and optimise the management of their advertising campaigns with
different transport operators and mobility authorities.

Interactivity as a pillar
of the experience.

We propose interactive building blocks to create a user interface that can be organised into five categories according to their purpose. These categories are action, containment, navigation, selection, and text input.

The development of 4 SaaS solutions

Responding to changing demand
according to needs.

Media Transport’s needs will evolve. Our product design is based on the imperatives and problems that arise.
We follow creative guidelines, conducting weekly reviews to present, test, and correct proposed solutions.

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