reinvents the consumption of garden and DIY products

We offer

an alternative way of consuming,

by putting second hand back into the heart of users’ habits

We encourage an ecological approach while offering
an economical solution for our consumers.




Organisation Is King

  • The analysis of the project allows us to define all the deliverables with the client. Then, in accordance with the development studio, we examine the renderings by development difficulty, which allows us to create an order for our sprint.
  • The planning of the renderings in the form of a sprint with a correction time guarantees that we will be on time. In order to avoid delays, we plan the start of larger teams to get a head start.




the power of prototyping

It Helps the client to visualize how things will looks

this is never easy fore the client to get the right idea of how the product will looks without offering the advantage of a live prototype.

The adobe xd prototype have few advantage:

a presentation mode that allow to pin directly returns with commentary on all the page and have a follow of them.

a developper mode that regroup all the necessary information and allow them to download all the elements.

It allow us practicing users
testing while building

The possibility to create a prototype that will replicate how the future website will works and react is a real benefits. For sure it’s help the clients to visualize and makes returns.

But the gamechanger will be find in the ability for us to lead user testing and to incorporate our futur communities in the building process.

Depending on our persona we get returns that avoid days of development for nothing. It’s a real save in time and money.


The platform is think mobile first

Going further than responsive design
to enhance the mobile experience

Since the start DIRECTBRICO have great goals, some of them are to have the most modern mobile experience possible.

This affect the way we reckoned the design of our board.

We decided to replicate a React Native behavior in our Mobile web version with using modal. This lead to a similar experience for the Web mobile users or for the App users.

The APP Experience will
be full of interaction

Interaction are a must have today’s it bring emotion to our users.

we loved to personnalise the experience

The devil is in the details, we have put a particular energy to work on every point of contact the marketplace offers. Such as the transactional email where we decided to design dedicated illustration to give context in our e-mail. This create a first emotion and help to establish a link with our customers.

special attention to advice with the storytelling

Filters are going to be one of the key elements in the search for products once a catalogue has been built up. By analysing the latest marketplaces and the « giants » that already exist, we have defined the best possible principles.

Working on some

ads concept

Creating Ads that perfom

  • Today the market is flooded by advertising, if you want to standout against competitors you need 2 ingredients :

    Creativity & insight that will talk to your audience. The little extra things that will make them click to discover your product.

Concept animé

Format pub carré

Concept animé
Format pub carré

Hugo and his team have brought us expertise in UI & UX design for our marketplace. His hard work and creative spirit are key to the success of our value proposition.

Charles Prévost CEO de DIRECTBRICO

TO summarize the work we have done

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